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eBook-Preparing for Inbound Marketing for Investment managers in 5 Steps

Download our e-Book: Preparing for Inbound Marketing for Investment Managers in 5 Steps


Thinking about Inbound Marketing?
Wondering if it fits with your existing strategy?
Is your investment management firm ready?

Preparing for Inbound Marketing in Five Steps is the second installment of our Digital Content Marketing for Investment Managers series.

Here, Daniel Quinn Communications examines selected ideas on what investment managers can do to ensure their effort gets off on the right foot, including:

  1. Understanding Inbound Marketing (a primer on this marketing strategy)
  2. Self-Assessment (goals, plans, challenges, timeframe)
  3. Know Thyself (culturally, is Inbound right for your firm)
  4. Measure So You Can Measure (choose metrics & establish baseline results against which to measure) 
  5. Taking Stock (what existing materals can be repurposed for an Inbound campaign?)

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