What is Inbound Marketing?

why is it right for investment management firms?

 Inbound marketing for investment management firms uses digital content distributed via social media, email, and on an investment manager's website in order to:

  1. convert visitors into leads
  2. leads into clients, and
  3. clients into promoters of the firm's value proposition.
Through the use of "buyer personas," asset managers create content to more effectively target their ideal clients, then use subsequent content to establish thought leadership, trust, and eventually establish a client relationship.

A fully-realized inbound marketing strategy enables asset management firms of all stripes to more effectively target the right prospects, then nurture those prospects to become sales qualified leads, then clients of the firm.

Inbound marketing is a rapidly-growing strategy because it works, irrespective of an investment manager's niche. Inbound is particularly effective for:
  • Institutionally-focused investment managers
  • Hedge funds
  • Wealth managers, investment consultants, & investment advisors
  • Private equity firms
Trees which grow slowest are those with the deepest roots - such as it is with growing AUM. Firms with a disciplined, patient investment and portfolio building processes must be equally so with their marketing efforts.

Inbound marketing for investment firms is based on that very idea; that there are no shortcuts to relationship-building and trust.