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Free Inbound Marketing Consultation for Investment Managers


Interested in Inbound Marketing and how it fits into your investment management firm's marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing has become a staple in many B2B and B2C industries, but has yet to catch on widely in the investment management industry. This reluctance offers investment managers with an important opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by exploiting an emerging (yet tested) marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is among the most effective strategies for investment managers looking to differentiate their firm & stand apart from their peers. In our consultation, we will:

  1. Begin with a brief call (5 minutes or so) or email exchange (whatever you prefer) to discuss your firm's existing marketing efforts.

  2. We will then take a look at your existing marketing materials, including any publicly-available documents to get a sense of the strengths & weaknesses of your firm's messaging.

  3. We will then follow up to discuss our findings, which will address some of the common investment industry-specific issues that have prevented inbound marketing from gaining a wider foothold among asset managers, including:
    • Compliance & regulatory issues
    • Deeply entrenched institutional resistance to "internet marketing"
    • Piling information on prospects & clients already suffering from information overload
    • Base of prospects who, demographically, use "social media" with caution, if at all
    • Lack of ROI in past contet marketing efforts
    • Marketing budget constraints

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